Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

If you spend 50% of your time on work activities but your assessment of your wardrobe indicates that only 20% of your clothing can be used for this category, then, you probably need extra items.

Your Wardrobe Audit may also have identified certain missing items, which are necessary to complete outfits.

Pauline can accompany you on a shopping trip, to teach you how to shop! or if you have a busy schedule, select clothes and bring them to you for consideration in your own home.

Learn to shop for your wardrobe, not for events – it’s far more effective long term.

Put most of your money in your clothes, that you wear most of the time!

Identify where there is a mis-match between your needs and your wardrobe.

You will be given your own personal booklet on your Wardrobe Personality, The Capsule Wardrobe and information on how to Shopping successfully.


All this makes for a more pleasurable and fun experience.



$80.00 per hour minimum 2hours.