“All the wardrobe is working well and I am finding I am getting better use of what I have, so that must be a good sign. I am even brave enough to wear skirts this summer. I’m not bothered about my legs as feeling confident with all my outfits.” Shona

“What a treat, I’ve been pampered and focused on for two whole hours. – with calming background music. Most of all you’ve given me wonderful new ideas on colours and shapes to suit this “figure” of mine. Thank you. Margaret

“I’m so delighted to have had the opportunity to have a consultation that was so different and useful. Best Wishes and Good Luck, Marie

 I thoroughly enjoyed my day at your studio. It was fun, interesting and informative. you have a kind and gentle personality. Best Wishes from Julie.

Thanks for the very informative and enjoyable session. I look forward to using all this ‘new information’ on my next shopping trip. Best Wishes, Margaret

You advice, guidance with sorting out my wardrobe was just great. Certainly gave me lots of ideas to wear clothes and outfits together. Plus has taken heaps of stress away! I look forward to scouting and buying for the winter wardrobe. Thank you, Pauline

Thank you for a great couple of hours, I feel I’ve learned a lot. Home to practise now. Lisa

Thanks so much for a fabulous afternoon in your lovely studio! I am sure we will all have hours of discussion now that we are experts on our wardrobes…. watch out shops next weekend! Dale

I had a fantastic time last weekend at the Make Up class. Thanks for your lovely kind words are flattering,  thanks Felicity June 2012

My sister and I are so excited about our new colours- so totally different to what we are accustomed to wearing. We also learnt so much useful information about scale, proportion and texture that we feel confident we will avoid making those big purchase mistakes. Ann July 2012

I have clearly wasted a lot of time and money floundering around with a hit and miss approach to buying clothes, in the past. It all makes so much sense once it’s pointed out to you! Liz April 2014

A beautiful enhancing experience. I love my Essence – Metal. I resist – Earth, and now I understand what is missing. Thank you Pauline. Esther – 29/1/2015

Thank you, Pauline. I’ve learned some surprising things about myself, and feel better equipped for the next shopping expedition. And I’m pleased to know that some of my ‘Shopping disasters’ may be able to be retrieved, with the help of a tailor. Janet, July 2015

11/07/2016 Yah!! I so much enjoyed my time learning from Pauline, the Art Of Dressing with Intention! – Fashion Fen Shui This is one of the most exciting ideas that I’ve heard of for some time. The time just flew by as I discovered more and more amazing ideas about the ways I could take control of my life using the power of dressing with Feng Shui. Pauline has a special gift, in that she takes you to a place of understanding of how it all works, and show’s you how everything connects together – using your new information.

I now have a clear understanding of myself in a new and real way, that has changed my perspective of how, I see the world. I couldn’t be happier. I really recommend Pauline as your Fashion Feng Shui Consultant. Thanks Pauline, Leigh