Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Change of weather and seasons, is a time to look into the wardrobe and find outfits for the coming season. Take time for yourself and see what works and what doesn’t. As the seasons change, so do we, so what worked for your last season, may not work for you this season. Try your garments on with different pieces, and accessories, to make an new outfit. If not you make need to purchase something new to make outfit. So make your shopping list, and time for yourself to go to shopping alone or with an expert.

On Saturday, I ran the 10kms in the Queenstown Marathon in the rain. I had been doing some training for it. I like to have the right gear for running as if you’re wearing the right attire you will feel better therefore preform better.  And that goes for every part of your life!

Many women have wardrobes full of clothes and nothing to wear. This is because the clothes we have in our wardrobe don’t match who we are. Our Clothes are our most intimate environment and to support us, must reflect our Unique Style, or Wardrobe.

Put most of your money into the clothes, where you spend most of your time!

The clothes we wear around home as just as important as though we wear out. Every part of our lives matters. But it’s just how many of these clothes do we need. They all there to make you feel good and give you confidence! Often when doing a Wardrobe Audit the portions vary!!

Today I went to see “Advanced Style” a documentary by Ari Seth Cohen. A very dear friend bought me his book a couple of years ago for my Birthday which I just loved so seeing the film was just as good. These gorgeous mature women really knew themselves. Image is about your Attitude, Character, Manner and your Presence. Your Image is who you Are! They considered dressing as an art form, and as one woman said money has nothing to do with it! You need to know who you are, and then work with this ‘inner’ knowledge to dress from the inside out! I can help you with this to make dressing every day a pleasant experience.

Once you know who you are the outer part becomes much easier! Instead of having a Wardrobe full of clothes which are just okay, you will be able to create a wardrobe fill of clothes you love and can’t wait to wear!

I’ve had a chance to sort out my Wardrobe, once again, my favourite thing to do. Working out outfits to wear this year, and moving on any piece which I don’t love or isn’t useful any more to me. Removing the clutter and seeing what is now there. So this year only to buy new items which I love, which will work with other pieces in my wardrobe and of course fits my lifestyle. There are many things which I love, but would not fit into my lifestyle and would remain in the wardrobe! I’ve learnt the expensive way! Wishing you all happy Wardrobe Weeding!

Recently went to see the movie ‘Advanced Style” a documentary by Ari Seth Cohen, about women who are older and how they love in New York. I had been given the book by a very dear friend a couple of years ago so I knew I would love it. It’s worth seeing if you have the chance. Here are a few quotes from some of the women, which appealed to me!

– I don’t want to look young – I want to look great!    -Money can’t buy style!

– Money has nothing to do with Style!  Dressing has a lot of perks!

– Hand to mouth is better than 9 -5!  If you look good you feel great!

– Good style improves the environment for everyone!

Today I was very privilege to attend a Fashion Feng Shui Workshop in Auckland, presented by Beverley Cole and Andrea Dupont, which was so much fun. It is so fascinating as to why we weary some garments and feel so good in them and others not so good. Why we often put something on, take it off, put  something else on, no. take it off etc. I trained 4 years ago in FFS, but there is always something learn. Came home and went through my wardrobe once again and all those items which don’t resinate with me will have to go!! So if you’d like an appointment,  please contact me. It does make dressing in the mornings so much easier!

Do Your Clothes Reflect who you are Now? Sometimes we unconsciously let our past govern our present. Maybe you still dress dowdily although you feel confident and and don’t mind being noticed; or you still dress as you did when you were in your twenties, although you’re now forty and your life is filled with responsibilities at work and home. When your clothes no longer reflect your life, you will feel uncomfortable with your appearance. If this is the case, then the first thing to do is to learn where your clothes don’t fit your lifestyle, and then learn how to change them.

The Most Important Elements of Style:

  • Appropriateness: for your age, the occasion, others and the location.
  • Simplicity: wearing simple, clean lines and accessories.
  • Confidence: with yourself, your companions and your responsibilities.
  • Poise: carrying yourself with confidence and grace.
  • Naturalness: being yourself
  • Friendliness and Courtesy: good humour and respect for others.

The Top 4 Fears that often keep you from having a Wardrobe You Love – Do You tell yourself that you will shop when:

  • You have more time
  • You have more money
  • The stores have better chooses
  • You Lose weight.

If you dislike shopping or you don’t feel like you deserve a good wardrobe, then there’s always something to take your your time and money. Behind each excuse there’s usually Fear!
Fear that you’ll waste time and come home with nothing!
Fear that you’ll waste money on things you’ll never wear!
Fear that you’ll buy new clothes and then lose weight and have to buy more new one!
Fear that you won’t find clothes that you like!
Ask for Help: Many of my clients shop with me two or three times a year so they can get it all done as efficiently and productively (and with as much fun) as possible.
Not everyone loves the experience of shopping but everyone deserves the experience of looking great every day!

It’s always good to have a goal to aim for, well, to get out of bed and go for a run, to keep fit and healthy.  Whatever you do for exercise, enjoy it and know that you are looking after your well being. Wearing certain clothes can have a similar effect on you. Notice how some days you wear an item and it doesn’t make you feel as good as another garment does. Once you understand this, getting dressed in the mornings become so much easier.

We must take care of our selves and others, to look and feel good. Many women come to an Image Consultant to have their ‘Colours’ or ‘Body Line and Style’, done, thinking this is the answer. But often there is much more going on in their lives. We all are here to help women be the best they can be! Call Pauline if you feel, you would like some help. 021 121 3015

Try garments on and maybe create outfits, to see how they feel, because we have all grown and changed since we wore some of them. Then make a shopping list of pieces  you need to make an outfit. Make sure you have that ‘Go To Outfit’  all ready for when you need it. But age doesn’t matter when you got Style!

It is so much better to have one good bra, even though it may cost $100.00, than a draw full of ill fitting bras. It is really important to be fitted properly by an expert! As the saying goes ‘there is no fashion without foundations’ Well worth it, to be feeling great and looking good!

Have you tried the Marie Kondo method for assessing your wardrobe? She really has some fabulous ideas and has made such a difference to peoples lives. Let me know if you would like me to assess yours and help prevent you from making the same mistakes this season. And of course  don’t forget the lingerie draw. Enjoy all your clothes, all of the time!

Merino is a wonderful fabric, as its warm, but light, has movement and comes in many different colours and styles of garments. Also make sure that you enjoy wearing your warmer clothes, as why would you wear clothes that you don’t like? If you’re not sure of your style or colours, I’m here to help. Even if it is a couple of hours going through your wardrobe, deciding what garments you love wearing and those you just don’t feel right in, but can’t work out why.

It’s a great way to spend a cold winter’s day – creating outfits, from your own wardrobe, which you love and will wear, and saying Good-bye to others which don’t feel right. It’s all about YOU!

Be cautious as many times bargains aren’t really bargains!

Here’s 5 Reasons not to buy that bargain:

  • “Almost” (my  colour, size, perfect for the occasion, ect) doesn’t apply! It’s either Is or Isn’t!
  • Price doesn’t trump passion! Ask yourself if you would Still buy it at full price? What if it were twice it’s original price? If the reply is “no” to either question Pass!
  • Don’t get trapped by the Buy-One-Get-One- Free – or other multiple sales incentives.
  • If you think you can’t afford NOT to buy something because the price is so deeply discounted, make sure you can afford to buy it. A bargain is not really  a bargain if it busts your budget.
  • Beware of the ‘Last Call‘ sales rack. Unsold clothes have a problem which no one wants, so learn to say ‘No’, no matter how much of a bargain.

If you want to make a good First Impression, whether you’re interviewing or socialising, the right clothes can help. It’s your suit of Amour! If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, it shows – because you exude confidence. The right clothing can help you get there. I can help from crafting your own Personal Image to putting together outfits. I’ll show you how to create the look you want.

Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it! Are you happy in clothes that don’t bring you Joy!!

Shop from how you feel, not from what you want. How you do it, whatever you do, do it in style!! I can help you on your path to achieve this. It is a process, different way of thinking!!

 Powerful people dress in powerful clothes:

-Dark or Neutral Colours, Straight lines, firm and elegant fabrics, custom fit, and beautiful accessories.

January 2017. A New Year a New You

Most people engage an Image Consultant when going though life changing events or needing an outfit for a special occasion. But really anyone who wants to good and feel good all of the time, is a great client. Shop for your wardrobe, then you will always have that ‘Go to’ outfit (which makes your heart sing – as soon as you put it on) to take you anywhere!

February 2017.

A Wardrobe fill of clothes doesn’t often translate into Happiness. Chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised of just how freeing a simple wardrobe can be. If shopping for clothes is simply an escape or a hobby for you, it maybe time to get another hobby. There are times when there is really enough.

Buy multi-functional items and good quality. A good test when deciding whether to buy an item is, if you’d feel comfortable wearing to in a photo or if you bumped into your ex!!

March 2017

Did you know that the Italians and Japanese spend 30% of their income on clothes and accessories? The French 20% and the British less than 10%! This is because of the home ownership culture and spending more time inside.

Here in NZ we seem to have a home ownership and sporting culture. We seem to want to be in ‘Fashion’, whether it suits us or not, rather than finding our own Personal Wardrobe Style! We all have one. For most of us we learn this by trail and error, which can be expensive.

By having a ‘Colour Consultation’ and a ‘Body line and Style’, or a Fashion Feng Shui Consultation, you’ll understand how to work out or own Personal Style. Call Pauline 021 121 3015 to discuss any wardrobe issues you may have.

April 2017

Changing your wardrobe is one of the most critical elements of good style! Now with the change of season’s many are thinking about warmer clothes. A Wardrobe Audit is often what is needed, and I’m always ready to help with this. For many clients it can be hard work knowing what to throw out and what to keep and how to keep it alive, current and fun to wear!

If you think about how much money you’ve spent on mistakes in the past, I’ll teach you how to make your wardrobe far more versatile. You’ll actually need less clothing but have more outfits! Pauline 021 121 3015, I look forward to hearing from you!

May 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to know the you have something in your wardrobe to suit every occasion! Why doesn’t this happen?

Apparently, many of us wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time – why? And what are the others doing there? And how much did they cost?

How easy is it to see what you have in your wardrobe? How many did you wear last year?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Ph Pauline or meet up for a 15 – 20 minute free consultation to discuss your wardrobe issues! Ph 021 121 3015

Mother’s Day Gift vouchers available

June 2017

First day of winter and trust you all have a wardrobe full of clothes only that you love! If you haven’t here are three of the most popular reasons why this problem occurs.  It could be that your body or lifestyle has changed and you feel really lost. What used to good good on you doesn’t anymore.

You Dress to Hide – It’s easy to give up on dressing to feel beautiful when you body has changed and you don’t know how to dress this new (often unwelcome) body. After wasting time and money on clothes which you don’t really enjoy, it’s easier to dress and blend in hoping no-one – including yourself will notice!

You buy what other people thinks looks good on you! There’s a fine line between helpful advise and being bullied into buying something you don’t feel good wearing. When you don’t know what looks good on you, it’s easy feel that someone else knows better. The truth is that there are many outfits that will look good on you, but not all of them will FEEL great to you.

Buying Separates Without a Plan

Having orphan pieces hanging in your wardrobe is a common shopping mistake. Especially Sale items when we’re unable to resist that bargain, and get home and have nothing to go with it to complete and outfit.

I know from some point in my life that I’ve done all these myself, but have now learnt not to make the same mistakes again, saving time and money. Let me show you how as well. Contact Pauline 021 121 3015

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last – Dame Vivienne Westwood

June 2017

Your Wardrobe and Image are communication tools – do you feel confident that they match your message.

Investing in yourself through your wardrobe and style is as important as any other investments you make in your business and life. By making your appearance a priority and investing in your business – you will be noticed more, promoted faster, and attract your ideal clients and more opportunities.

With this in mind – what does your Image say about you?

July 2017

As the weather is getting colder it can be easy to forget about style and grab anything which is warm, wind or waterproof! But a Statement Coat can also keep you warm as well as having fun with fashion. Adding texture, colour, or length and then combine with accessories, to create your own individual look! It maybe with scarves, gloves, hats, belts or boots – it’s up to you!

A good pair of jeans are also essential for any winter wardrobe as they streamline the silhouette and allow you to layer multiple items on top for warmth. Wear them with flats, boots or heels to take you from day time to night time!

Ballantynes – have an excellent jeans department where the sales team are always so helpful to ensure you leave with the perfect pair for your lifestyle and budget!

Benji, at Encompass, shop 26, The Tannery, can also fit you in the perfect pair of jeans wishing minutes of entering the store! Certainly takes the stress out of shopping. Many women struggle to find well fitting trousers, so a black pair of jeans is a staple in the wardrobe and can take you anywhere!

August 2017 – The Sales

Only buy what you love. Purchasing items that make you feel so-so in, isn’t a wise choice, because you won’t wear them. Fashion should bring you pleasure, otherwise it’s not worth spending the money on. Dress for the body you currently in. Don’t invest in clothes you can’t wear right now.

Remember the cost per wear, and the 4 points to the rule of 3!

  1. Never buy anything that doesn’t go with go with any 3 items in your current wardrobe.
  2. Never buy anything which you can’t wear for 3 years without going out of fashion.
  3. Never buy anything which can’t be worn for 3 different occasions.
  4. Never buy anything which you can’t wear 3 different ways!

September 2017 – Changing Seasons

That time of year again when the daffodils and blossoms are everywhere – new beginnings for many and the weather getting warmer . Time to assess our wardrobe needs once again and work out what works for us this season and what doesn’t! We also change with the season. What we wore last year may not identify with who we are this season.

It’s good to go through your wardrobe to see what is there, assess each item and make a list to shop for garments to complete outfits.

Also make time for your Underwear draw. Any unloved items, please donate to the Uplift Project

April 2018 – Changing seasons Again

It has been so great to wear light clothes, the past few moths after having a real summer! Nothing starts the same and the temperatures have dropped making us reassess our current wardrobe. As we’re always changing all the time our wardrobe needs to match who we are!

It’s often a good idea to make time for yourself to go through your current wardrobe and work out what is still working for you and what is not. Have a look at magazines, go window shopping, people watching to see what’s out there that resonates with you! Learn to create a wardrobe that looks and feels like YOU! Let me know if you’d like help and have fun with this !

May 2018 – Winter has arrived!

‘A Wardrobe Full of Clothes doesn’t often relate to Happiness’

Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised at jus how freeing a simple wardrobe can be!

What type of clothes do you need for your Age, Hobbies, Working Lifestyle, Social and Seasons. Do they suit your Colouring, Body Shape and Scale, and Wardrobe Personality? Do you feel comfortable in every thing you wear?

A good test when deciding whether to buy an item is – if you’d feel comfortable wearing it in a photo or if you bumped into your ex!

If shopping for clothes is simply as escape or a hobby for you, it maybe time to find a new hobby?

Contact Pauline on 021 121 3015 for assistance in your wardrobe!

June 2018

Knowing how to put fashion into your wardrobe isn’t easy. Apparently, only 0.2% of the population are naturally stylish. Most of us have to practice at putting outfits together and most don’t!

Details such as body proportions, complexion, hair colour, skin texture and our personality make up who we are!

Contact Pauline on 012 121 3015 if you’d like help with this!

October 2018

I’ve just returned from a trip to England where I walked a couple of sections of The South West Coast Path. Stunning Scenery, beautiful weather, and no blisters, despite new boots. As I’m not a fan of shorts, so instead wore skorts and really felt great in them.

Also attended London Fashion Week Festival as well as the Federation of Image Professionals International, which was fun. Very inspirational, to meet and learn form other Image Consultants from the UK and Europe.

Of course, I had to go shopping, but as it was 2018 Autumn / Winter collection in the stores. managed to find some trans seasonal pieces for my wardrobe. (Shop for your wardrobe – not for an event)

It wasn’t easy packing for this trip as I had a wide range of activities over this time. Had to plan carefully and work our which outfits could double up, to avoid carrying too much from place to place.

Travelling is stressful enough with out arriving somewhere unprepared. If you know what you’re going to be doing, plan accordingly and you’ll not only look great, you’ll have a lot more fun!! Learn the art of suitcase packing!

November 2018

Packing again for a few days in Melbourne with family at the end of the month. I usually start to think about this a few weeks before and plan the outfits according to the activities I’ll be doing. Making sure they’ll be appropriate for the culture of the country and the time of year. Looking at items which can be used for a number of events? Shoes, I find the hardest. Making sure they go with the different outfits and comfortable if walking much of the time. Also there will often be photos so be aware how many times you’re wearing the same outfit. Accessories can help her to change the look. Happy Packing!

Need assistance packing for the holidays contact Pauline 021 121 3015

December 2018

It’s that time of year for us all when we’re winding down as well as preparing for Christmas and the Holiday break. We’re looking for different outfits for those Christmas parties and drinks as well as packing for the holiday. This clothing is often different from that which we wear at other times of the year. With a little thought and a few accessories clothing can become different outfits for different events and occasions. Experiment with what you have. It just takes a little time, so be kind to yourself and take a few moments to create a look of the season.

I’m always happy to help – Pauline 021 121 3015.

January 2019

Holiday time, casual dressing and having fun!

February 2019

Back to work and school! Finding that uniform and working with what you have. Sales are in full swing, hopefully you’re able to pick up that bargain. Remember, it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle and sits in your wardrobe, taking up space!

To avoid these mistakes contact Pauline because who taught you how to shop??

March 2019

Warmer weather continues with the lovely long evenings for out door entertaining! That ‘Go to’ Outfit at the beginning of the season has been great. With the change of a few accessories and get a whole new look! Getting the most out of your wardrobe!

April 2019

Easter weekend and Anzac day. If you’re able to get away, remember jus to pack what you need. Work out your activities and go from there! It’s always good to have a break from routine and change of clothing to make you feel good!

I can help with suitcase packing!

May 2019

Change of season is always exciting with the new colours and styles for our outfits! A time to go through what you have and what feels good, to work out what you need to create this seasons outfits.

We’re all changing all the time! So what we loved last winter may not feel good this winter! Our clothes are a form of communication hence they aren’t giving out the message of the person we are now!

June 2019

With the shorter, cooler days, more layers are required especially out doors. Many are packing for warmer climates and different activities.

July 2019

How are you feeling this winter? Have you cosy warm clothes, big jumpers, fluffy slippers and wraps to snuggle into, to comfort you? Soft, snuggle, warm fabrics to nurture you over the cooler evenings and feel the comfort they bring to you. There’s plenty around at present in the stores and on line. l’m sure you have your favourites, but if you’d like some help achieving this, please let me know. Pauline 021 121 3015