About Pauline

About Pauline & Wardrobe Magic

PaulineI have always loved clothes, fashion and the effects of these have on people. It was when I was travelling and working in the UK in 2003, I came across a training company called First Impressions. I knew that this is what I really wanted to do so under took the training to become an Image Consultant.

I had my ‘Colours’ done in the 1980s in New Zealand, but quickly realised that the industry moved on since then and was keen to find out more. I started an image consultancy business in London for a short time before returning home to Christchurch in 2007 to establish ‘Wardrobe Magic’.

I work with individuals and groups to assist in discovering their own Personal Style, and to advise on how to manage appearance so that it is appropriate for every occasion – socially in a business context, or even at home. Every part of our lives matters.

My work ranges from one-on-one, small group consultations, presentations, and practical workshops for all groups of people.

As well as Wardrobe Audit’s, Personal Shopping, I also assist in packing suitcases for various trips away for different occasions.

I continue to be a member of ‘First Impressions’ consultants in the UK, leaders in the image industry, receiving the latest ideas and information.

I have also trained in Fashion Feng Shui – Dressing to Attract the life of your Dreams – wwwfashionfengshui.com

I am passionate about women making the most of themselves to maximise their full potential in every area of their lives. I believe this not only assists women but is also beneficial to their families, their communities and the environment.

I am also the New Zealand coordinator for the Uplift Project, which collect and sends unloved bras to the Pacific Islands. For more information on how you can help visit, www.upliftbras.org