About Pauline

About Pauline & Wardrobe Magic

PaulineI have always loved clothes, and the effects of these have on people.

My background is nursing and while working in the UK, in 2003, discovered First Impressions. Under took training and become an Image Consultant, the best thing!

I had had my ‘Colours’ done in the 1980s in New Zealand, but quickly realised that the industry moved on since then and was keen to find out more. I started an image consultancy business in London for a short time before returning home to Christchurch in 2007 to establish ‘Wardrobe Magic’.

Even though I had my ‘Colours’, “Body line, Shape & Scale’ donestill felt as though there was something missing! Just didn’t feel quite right in Styles and Shapes, recommended and couldn’t work out why?? Then I discovered Fashion Feng Shui – this was the missing piece to the puzzle! Now everything makes sense, why I like to dress the way I do!! and shopping is now so easy! I trained as Facilitor in 2010, in Auckland, NZ.


I work with individuals and groups to assist in discovering their own Personal Style, and to advise on how to manage appearance so that it is appropriate for every occasion – socially, in a business context, or at home. Every part of our lives matters.

My work ranges from one-on-one, small group consultations, presentations, and practical workshops for all groups of people.

As well as Wardrobe Audit’s, Personal Shopping, I also assist in packing suitcases for various trips away for different occasions.

I am passionate about women making the most of themselves to maximise their full potential in every area of their lives.

I believe this not only assists women but is also beneficial to their families, communities and the environment.

I am also the New Zealand coordinator for the Uplift Project, which collect and sends unloved bras to the Pacific Islands.

Many women have bras that they no longer wear!