I believe that every woman can look her best everyday by having the perfect wardrobe which supports her lifestyle, makes her feel great and gives her confidence.

Every item is an expression of whom she is and where she is going! There is no barrier with age, body shape or lifestyle!

Just remember Life is too short to wear a bad outfit!

Pauline_05                                                                            Pauline Watson, Style and Image Consultant
  • Build a ‘base’ in your existing wardrobe
  • Understand what styles work for your body type
  • Avoid making costly shopping mistakes
  • Understand what colours work with your skin, hair and eyes
  • Mix the old with the new to create fresh and distinctive outfits

Contact Pauline to start feeling fab and looking terrific today!
You’re welcome to call me on 021 121 3015  to discuss your wardrobe needs. Also I’m happy to meet up with you for a 15 minute free consultation. Whatever works for you!